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Figures Video Games and merchandising products

Jeux Vidéos

Video Games represents the universes from your favorite Video Games. You'll find absolutely all merchandising products from licenses like Final Fantasy, Disgaea, Uncharted, Sonic, Mario, Tekken, Overwatch  and many other franchises. These can be filtered among the three types of stock that we propose to know:

  • In Stock: They are available now and are shipped within 24 hours after placing your order!
  • Preorders: You can book your products at the best prices to put the odds on your side to ensure you get figurines or goodies that you do not want to miss. For more infos, click her.
  • On order: These products greatly expand the choice that is offered to you and this allows you to order products out of stock, pre-orders whose closing date is exceeded or else, to find the product of your dreams that you can not find anywhere else!

We offer a large range of officially licensed items and you can discover a wide selection of figurines and goodies of all kinds such as mugs, t-shirts, key chains, mouse pads, badges, bags, wallets, stickers, posters , Glasses as well as many other products.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for video games.

Filtres actifs
  • Marque : Kotobukiya
  • Stock : In Stock

Second-hand and official Arche Klaine figure in Cold Cast about 22 centimeters high to scale 1/8. Arche prepares to take a turn on his broom. This is second-hand item in perfect condition. The manufacturer is Kotobukiya, sold with box in bad condition. Being entirely plastic, it is broken in several places.


Second-hand and official Natalia L.K. Lanvaldear figure in ABS/PVC about 18,5 centimeters high to scale 1/8. Natalia is an archer and she will join the group of Luke, hero of Tales of the Abyss. This is a second-hand item in good condition but with parts sticking a little. The manufacturer is Kotobukiya, sold with box in good condition.


Second-hand and official Nel Zelpher figure in PVC about 16,5 centimeters high. Nel is called the Crimson Blade in Star Ocean 3 : Till the End of Time and she is one of Fayt allies. This is a second-hand item in perfect condition manufacturered by Kotobukiya. Sold with box in fairly good condition with some tears.