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Extrêmement satisfait de notre première commande. Les figurines sont emballées avec soin et préc ...
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Loïc M.
Pour une première commande sur votre site, je suis TOTALEMENT satisfait!! Produit très bien emball ...
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Océane Bermudes
Ici le retour d'un reporter :
je viens commenter, une fois de plus, l'efficacité et l'amabilit ...
Figures Iron Fist and merchandising products

Iron Fist

Iron Fist is a superhero of the Marvel universe. His real name is Daniel Rand while his superhero name means Iron Fist. In addition to having his own comics and his own TV series, our hero sometimes intervenes alongside Wolverine or Spider-Man.

While his parents were in a hidden city that only appears every 15 years, Daniel's father was murdered by his partner Harold Meachum while his mother was devoured by hungry wolves ... The young man was picked up by Lei Kung who taught him the martial arts and after passing a test, he was able to put his hands on the power of Iron Fist ... Afterwards, he will do everything to find Harold and revenge but finally, Iron Fist will not wish to live for revenge ...

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Iron Fist.

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