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Figures and merchandising products Dark Gathering

Dark Gathering

Discover the intriguing universe of Dark Gathering, a captivating manga written and illustrated by Kenichi Kondō. Published in publisher Shueisha's Jump Square magazine since March 2019, this series tells the story of Keitarou, a young man who has been attracting minds since birth. Following an accident with his childhood friend Eiko, he chooses to live in isolation to protect those around him. However, his fate changes when he meets Yoyoi, a girl with an exceptional IQ and the power to see spirits. Together they form a unique duo, hunting spirits and investigating the mysteries that surround them. The story comes to life in an animated television series produced by studio OLM, airing since July 2023, offering fans an opportunity to dive even deeper into the captivating universe of 'Dark Gathering'.

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