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Our loyalty system : The Mev Points

What are Mev Points ?

Mev Points are loyalty points that you can accumulate and spend as you order. With each order, you earn points, they can be transformed at any time into a good discount valid throughout the site. 

How long are my Mev Points valid ?

The Mev Points can be kept for 3 years from the date they were acquired. From the moment you turn them into a coupon, you will have 1 year to use them. 

How to use my Mev Points ?

You have to go to your client area.

When are my Mev Points available on my account ?

When one of your orders gets "delivered" status, your points will be added to your account. For products pre-order / order, your points will be credited only when you have received your order home. 

Have you already ordered from us before the arrival of Mev Points ?

In order to reward all customers, we have automatically awarded all orders prior to the launch of the Mev Points loyalty program. Thus, if you have old orders with the status "delivered", it means that Mev Points are available and that you can use them now! If you have old pre-orders / on order with the status "payment accepted", when they are in "delivered" status, you will also get your Mev Points! 

Can I only convert some of the Mev Points into a coupon ?

You can turn your Mev Points into a good discount as you see fit.

Calculation of Mev Points

Mev Points are calculated and assigned to your customer account as soon as your order obtains "Delivered" status. Mev Points are awarded after deduction of the discounts or promotional codes used. For any order cancellation, Mev Points will automatically be deducted from your balance.