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Discount on your delivery

DeriveFigurine puts a system in place allowing you to offer a discount shipping. Here are the way to get a shipping discount:

  • From 60 euros of purchase (without shipping fees), you get an automatic discount of 6.95 € if a product from the selection is in your basket. (all the products working with that offer are available at this address). 6,95 € corresponds to the Colissimo delivery without signature or to the delivery in relay point.

Shipping your packages

Derive Figurine is committed to sending your parcels upon receipt of payment which allows you to get a delivery within 48 hours. This period is for information only, since the delivery is carried out by the Post Office thanks to the Colissimo service. We ship our marchendise only to Europe and our Colissimo are delivered with or with out signature. 

All shipping options offer a shipment of your products with special care and adequate protections so that your products arrive at your house in the best possible conditions.

We deliver in the following countries: France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Spain (Outside specific territories), Portugal, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Italia, Denmark, Irland, Sweden, Greece, Finland and Switzerland.

If you hesitate to pre-order because you have to move before the product is released, don't worry, just contact us by message with the new delivery address and we can directly modify your order with the new delivery address.

Note that from the moment you live in France or in the European Union, there is no risk of customs fees etc ... If you are outside the European Union, customs fees and handling fees will be your responsibility and Derive Figurine can not be held responsible.

Shipping pre-orders

Pre-orders are dispatched immediately upon receipt of the goods in our premises. If you validate an order of a product in stock with a pre-ordered product, the delivery will be made upon arrival in our premises of the pre-ordered product.

If you do not wish to wait for the pre-order product to arrive at our premises, we advise you to make two separate orders. Thus, you will receive the product in stock within 48 hours after receiving your payment and your pre-order later to its exit period.

The terms vary according to the means of payment that you can find in the general conditions.

Estimated arrival of pre-order products

For pre-order products, you will find an estimated date of arrival. Unfortunately and for various reasons (customs, deadlines manufacturer, production etc.), estimation dates are indicative and products may arrive early, late or meet the deadline to which they are announced. Unfortunately, Derive Figurine can not be held responsible for delays that are beyond our control. By going to the sheet of a product you have pre-ordered, you will be able to see if there has been a change in the shipment estimate. Indeed, at the end of every month, we try to update the product sheets of all the items pre-ordered by our customers.