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Q: What types of products are found on Derive Figurine? I'm always afraid of counterfeiting ...

A: On Derive Figurine, there are no objects of counterfeiting or bootleg. The company supplies itself to the largest distributors of figurines and products like Abysse Corp and many others. Derive Figurine is also official partner in Europe of the manufacturer Good Smile Company.

Q: By ordering at Derive Figurine, can I have any customs fees or other charges?

A: From the moment you live in mainland France or Europe, there is no risk of customs fees or other costs! You simply pay the price displayed. If you are outside the European Union, customs fees and handling fees will be your responsibility and Derive Figurine can not be held responsible.

Q: I ordered a product in stock, when will I receive it?

A: If your payment method is by credit card or Paypal, we will ship your order within 24 hours! If it should arrive as soon as possible, do not hesitate to mention it, we will try to ship it the same day. However, for this reason, your order must be placed before the Post Office is lifted. For other means of payment, it takes a little longer since orders are shipped only when we have received the payment amount.

Q: What is damaged or badly damaged packaging?

A: First of all, be aware that damaged packaging really means that only the packaging is damaged, the figurine is in perfect condition and even in the event that there is a problem as on a compliant packaging, the after-sales service will be taken care of the same way. On Derive Figurine, you will notice that there are quite often products offered in damaged packaging on our site. The products travel a lot, from Japan to Europe and from Europe to our premises, so it is not uncommon to sometimes see possible damage to the boxes, it is to our expertise that we take time to inspect each product and decide whether it is damaged or not so that you are not surprised upon receipt. We refuse to send the products as they are without warning and to put the cause of the damage on the carrier when we were able to see the damage ourselves. you should know that no box can be truly perfect and it is essential for us to always warn our customers if we notice things that do not pass in terms of damage. The same goes for pre-orders, we grant the quantities to each customer in chronological order of the pre-orders and if we notice damaged packaging, you will be notified by email before sending to see if everything is ok for you!

Q : How can i get a discount for the shipping ?

A: In addition to offering you attractive prices, Derive Figurine offers a shipping discount from 60 euros purchase for Europe if there is a product from the selection in your basket. For more information, we strongly advise you to read the paragraph "Discount on your delivery". The option is available on all our services namely colissimo without / with signature and relay point. The offer also works for Europe since it gives you a discount on your shipping costs.

Q: I am 60 euros purchase, yet the discount of 6.95 € does not appear!

A: Make sure you have added a product from the selection your cart and if this is the case, your cart must be 60 euros purchase excluding shipping fees!

Q: I ordered pre-order items and products in stock, when will I receive the order?

A: It is very simple, the shipping of all the products will be carried out when the last preorder arrives in our premises. If you would like to receive the products in stock before, we advise you to place two orders. Finally, each pre-order has different output periods. This means that you will receive all your pre-ordered products at the time of the last pre-order with us. To avoid waiting, we advise you once again to pass several separate orders.

Q: I have not received my pre-order, how do I know if the product I ordered is delayed?

A: If a product that you have pre-ordered is delayed, on the 6th of each month, we send emails and update the product sheets for all the items pre-ordered by our customers. If a product on the site is not updated, it is because it has never been pre-ordered by one of our customers, do not hesitate to ask us if you would like information on a product that was never pre-ordered ;).

Example: Your pre-order had a release estimate of March 2024. On April 6, 2024, you will receive an email with the new release estimate and the product sheet will be updated ;).

For various reasons (customs, manufacturer delays, production etc.), products can arrive early, late or meet the deadline for which they are announced. Unfortunately, Derive Figurine can not be held responsible for delays that are beyond our control.

Q: Your characters that I see everywhere on are too beautiful! Are you going to adapt them to good and merchandising products? T-shirts, Mugs etc?

A: The characters you see represent the same and unique person, it's about Mev Gardenia which is both our mascot but also a brand in its own right! You can discover on the site our #MevBox themes that give you the opportunity to get a set of goodies with different effigy Mev by universe and this, at an unbeatable price! By the way, know that Mev Gardenia is an iconic iconic character at

Q: Why did you create Mev Gardenia ?

A: In addition to offering many advantages, we wanted to go even further! Because of this, we have called on Daniel Lam to create a unique character ... They are four and we would really like to produce something with our Mev ! You can find out about their history at this address.

Q: What is the relationship between and

A: Alexandre Mistral, manager of is the second chief editor of As the media on the internet has difficulty finding financial means, Alexandre decided to launch the site! Two companies and two different managers with a similar vision.

Q: How does the On-Order part of the site work?

A: With the millions of products available in all the universes we offer, there are a few products that we do not have in stock. Thus, the catalog on Order section allows you to contact us directly so that we try to find you the figurine of your dreams! So, you are informed of our price and you only have to answer us favorably so that you are ordered your product. This also allows you to find pre-order products that have seen their booking date closed. This allows you to still have a chance to book pre-order products!

Q: Is there a link between and

A: DeriveManga is the first online store opened by Alexandre Mistral! Since he could no longer manage his tobacco press work in Taulignan in addition to his activity as a figurine seller, he was forced to make a choice ... But this is for new adventures since Derive Figurine has opened its doors, better benefits, an exclusive brand and more products than before! Are you a former client of DeriveManga? Do not hesitate to give us a call or a mail, it will make us very happy.

Q : Do you ship to Europe ? 

R : The countries of delivery are: France, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Spain (excluding specific territories), Portugal, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Italia, Pöland, Denmark, Irland, Sweden, Greece and Switzerland.

Q: Is it possible to order for delivery outside Europe?

A: Unfortunately, Derive Figurine does not yet offer the possibility to deliver outside the European zone.

Q: I can not find my password again on the site, how to do it?

A: No problem, just click HERE to go to a page where you will have to enter the email address with which you registered on DeriveFigurine. After validation, you will automatically receive an e-mail. If you ever encounter any problems, do not hesitate to contact us by going there or else, to call us.

Q: How do I add a new shipping address?

A: At the top right corner of your shopping cart is your account. Mouse over your name allows you to bring up a tab with several options. Among them, you have: Addresses. All you need to do is create a new address or edit a new one.

Q : I have moved, I have a pre-order with you, I want to change the delivery address, how can i do ?

R: You must contact us directly by message and tell us the new address. We can change the delivery address of your order (s) within 48 hours.

Q: How does payment with installments work?

A: Installment/deferred payment is available through our partner Alma. Payment security is provided by Alma and its service providers. All payments are protected by 3D Secure.

You can use Alma if you are from France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Portugal. All info on Alma are here.

Q: I'm looking for a figurine but it's not on the site

A: The catalog on Order item allows you to find products that are exclusive to this category. We offer you, on request, figurines and goodies that are no longer in stock. However, given the size of the market, it is possible that a product is not present in the On-Order section and generally, with our many suppliers, it is probably possible to get you the object sought at the best price ! We invite you to contact us via the Contact Us page and let us know the figurine or goodies you are looking for. We will do our best to respond in the shortest possible time.