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Preorder allows you to make sure you get a product by avoiding the risk of out of stock. This also allows you to avoid paying astronomical money if the figurine has become rare and its price has increased disproportionately.


Pre-orders are paid when the order is placed. From 150 euros of purchase, you can also opt for a payment in 3 or 4 times without fees. We are committed to shipping pre-ordered products from the day we receive them on our premises. Here are some things you should know about preorders:

  • Estimated arrival dates of pre-orders are indicative. It is not uncommon for a figurine or goodies is postponed in the case of a production problem or so, a time of arrival larger than expected at our supplier. Several reasons can therefore lengthen the arrival estimation dates in a more or less important way and unfortunately, this is beyond our control. Patience is generally de rigueur in the middle and just like you, we are obviously eager to receive the products as quickly as possible. We make it a point of honor to warn once a month and at the end of the month / beginning of the following month (generally between the 28th and the 6th) our customers of postponements by reviewing all the pre-orders placed. We notify everyone by email of any delays and update delayed items directly on the site.

  • Pre-order products may sometimes not be honored. This is due to reduced quantities sent to our suppliers, defective copies and other factors. The manufacturer Funko is generally a victim of its success and we recommend to quickly make your pre-orders because they will be served according to the date of their validation. If we can not honor your pre-order, you can choose between a credit or a full refund.

  • Pre-orders / On order are firm and final. Any delay in deadlines (manufacturing times longer than expected, etc.) will not give rise to the cancellation of the pre-order / On order, unless the product is canceled by the supplier or manufacturer. In the event of an exceptional request to cancel a pre-order / On order, we offer two solutions: Solution 1: For the immediate cancellation of a pre-order / On order with a refund by check, paypal, bank card or transfer, a percentage of the total amount of your order of 15% will be retained as administrative and management fees. Solution 2: For the immediate cancellation of a pre-order / On order, you can obtain a credit for the total amount of your order (shipping costs included) valid for one year on our entire catalog. The new order(s) where the credit has been used cannot be canceled and will be firm and final. If one or more items in stock are present in the order to be canceled, the percentage also applies to the latter because they have been set aside for you. Once the solution is chosen, it is not possible to change the solution. 

Availability Dates

The pre-order counters mark the closing dates of the pre-orders. These are different from availability dates, we are communicated by the various European distributors and we display on the product sheets.

Factors beyond our control may affect these availability dates:

  • Production contingencies of the manufacturer that may need more time
  • Transport concerns (the majority of products are transported by boat by container)
  • Unusually long customs controls

If your product is the subject of any of these setbacks, we will notify you by mail as soon as we have the information. We then indicate the new availability date.

The product is in great demand, it can happen that the supplier produces and delivers the goods in several times. In these cases, we process orders in the chronological order in which they have passed. This means that, in a situation of high demand, the first to order are the first served. It is recommended to place your order as soon as possible if you want to be delivered as soon as possible.

Special cases

If your order includes a product in stock and a product pre-order, the shipment of your package will be made the day of the arrival of the pre-order. If you prefer to receive the product in stock as soon as possible, we invite you to order the products separately.

If your order has several pre-orders, the shipment of your parcel will be made the day of the arrival of the last pre-order. If you prefer to receive each product as soon as possible, we invite you to order the products separately.

If you order a product for pre-order, and you realize that its release period is close to another pre-order that you did previously, we can group orders on demand.