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Figurines Demon Slave et produits dérivés

Demon Slave

Demon Slave immerses us in a mysterious and dangerous world, where the city of Mato, coming from a demonic dimension, is home to a rare and powerful resource: Fishing. This fruit grants extraordinary powers to those who dare to taste its nectar. These women, members of the anti-demon squadrons, are responsible for protecting their world from the dark forces that threaten it. The story follows Yûki Wakura, an ordinary young man who suddenly finds himself plunged into the frightening dimension of Mato. When he finds himself cornered by a horde of demonic creatures, his life is miraculously saved by a young woman with exceptional powers. However, this safeguard comes with one condition: Yûki must become his slave. “Demon Slave” takes us on a thrilling and perilous journey, where the stakes are high and alliances are fragile. The story explores themes of survival, loyalty, and power, while immersing the characters in a world where demons and humans coexist, sometimes as enemies, sometimes as allies. Follow Yûki as he discovers the secrets of Mato and the mysteries surrounding Fishing in this captivating tale.

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