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Figures and merchandising products Undead Unluck

Undead Unluck

In the thrilling world of "Undead Unluck", Fûko, a young introverted girl, finds her destiny turned upside down when she decides to end her life. It is then that a completely eccentric immortal man appears before her. This immortal being, known as Undead, wishes to use the curse that strikes all those who touch Fûko's skin to finally find death. However, their unlikely alliance does not go unnoticed. They quickly find themselves targeted by the fearsome members of a mysterious organization called "the Union". Together, Fûko and the Undead embark on an adventure full of twists and turns, extraordinary powers and deadly confrontations. “Undead Unluck” is a compelling series that explores the themes of life, death and destiny, while delivering a dose of thrilling action and offbeat humor. Discover the mystery of this improbable union between two beings that destiny has linked in a unique way." This captivating story immerses you in a world where life and death intertwine, offering a tale of supernatural adventure that you never won't be able to let go.

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