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Figurines EXO-6


EXO-6, founded by Schubert Tam, aka Nanjin, is emerging as a shining beacon in the Star Trek 1:6 scale action figure universe. Nanjin's story begins over 50 years ago as a devoted fan of the original Star Trek series, following the adventures of Captain Kirk and Spock. Inspired by the deep themes of identity, friendship, and philosophy presented by the series, Nanjin decided to create realistic 1:6 Star Trek figures as a hobby. What started as a hobby became a deep passion as Nanjin found that these lifelike figurines could evoke the aspirations of his youth. In 2016, anticipating the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, Nanjin left his 20-year career to devote his experience and network to creating a secure production supply chain for his action figures. EXO-6, pronounced /ˈeksəʊ -sɪks/, captures not only the essence of the Star Trek characters, but also the embodiment of the actors. The company is dedicated to producing accurate depictions of Star Trek characters in 1:6 aspect ratio, with direct control over production and a commitment to Starfleet accuracy. More than 60% of production is carried out in-house, allowing EXO-6 to minimize unnecessary costs. Each figurine is the result of close collaboration with renowned artisan sculptors to capture the iconic likenesses. Officially authorized by ViacomCBS, certain figurines are even verified by the actors themselves, guaranteeing extraordinary fidelity between reality and fiction. Join EXO-6 on its mission to create 1:6 Star Trek figures that exceed collectors' expectations and celebrate the captivating legacy of this iconic saga. Embark with EXO-6 aboard their precision spacecraft for an unparalleled collectible experience.

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