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Océane Bermudes
Ici le retour d'un reporter :
je viens commenter, une fois de plus, l'efficacité et l'amabilit ...
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Virginie Loizeau
J'ai bien reçu mes belles figurines en parfait état et bien plus tôt que prévu (au moins 2-3 moi ...
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Delphine B.
Merci pour l'envoie de mes précommandes faites en mai, elles sont arrivées en avance et avant Noë ...
Figures The Walking Dead and merchandising products

The Walking Dead

If The Walking Dead license is initially a comic, it is true that it exploded following its adaptation in television series. Indeed, this series of horror American is broadcast since 31 October 2010 on AMC and had a real success. Franck Darabon and Robert Kirkman are in charge of the adaptation and the success is the appointment since they are the same men behind the comic strip.

This series puts us in the shoes of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) who fell into a coma for several weeks. When he wakes up, he realizes that humanity has changed since it has turned into an army of zombies. The cause of this phenomenon is due to an epidemic and our man will seek his family and then find himself at the head of a group of survivors. Obviously, this is not the only group of resisters to survive and to the big surprise, there are some that will be even more dangerous than the threat created by the epidemic ... Note that Negan and Lucille (The bat) have become antagonists appreciated by the fans.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for The Walking Dead.

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