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Figures Borderlands and merchandising products


Borderlands is a crazy franchise of video games in FPS view and is signed by Gearbox Software Studio. With the first episode in 2009 entitled Borderlands, the episodes were chained with a sequel and then a pre-logically titled Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. The Telltale Games studio, known for its narrative games, also developed episodic games on the Borderlands saga, it was Tale from the Borderlands. Finally, Gearbox takes care of Borderlands 4.

The story takes place on Pandora, a post-apocalyptic planet, and you will incarnate a hunter of 'ark. Indeed, the planet contains many treasures and your goal will be to seize it! The whole, with charismatic characters like the beautiful Jack, humor, a completely crazy atmosphere and action to deal with Hyperion.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Borderlands.

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