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Figures Shining and merchandising products


Sonic Software Planning and Climax Entertainment created a series of video games for Sega named Shining. Many episodes have been released on several platforms, the first being Shining in the Darkness on Megadrive and the last Shining Resonance on PlayStation 3. They all have the same universes in common, but do not necessarily have the same kind, it can go From RPG to turn-based tactical gaming through adventure action.

An anime by the name of Shining Tears X Wind was also born in which Sôma Akizuki is a student at Saint Luminas School in Tatsumi and is also a member of the Student Council. One night, he dreams that a young woman tells him that the door to the other world will open, and the next night a woman and a werewolf make their appearance in town.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Shining.

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