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Figures Bubble Bobble - Bust-a-Move and merchandising products

Bubble Bobble - Puzzle Bobble - Bust-a-Move

Bubble Bobble - Bobble Puzzle - Bust-a-Move is a video game series! Bubble Bobble was the first to be released in 1986 and it was a platform game. Subsequently, Puzzla Bobble aka Bust-a-Move was born and here is a gameplay of Bubble Shooter hard and fast! The little characters symbolic of the game are Bub and Bob who are little dragons ... They will try to save their girlfriends who were kidnapped by the big villain of the game, Baron von Blubba ...

Voici l'intégralité de notre gamme de produits dérivés figurines et goodies pour Bubble Bobble - Bobble Puzzle - Bust-a-Move.

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