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Reborn! ,or My Professor the Reborn Killer! of its French name, is a manga of shōnen type that one owes to Akira Amano. With a total of 42 volumes in France thanks to the Glénat editions, it was then entitled to 203 episodes for an animated series.

Reborn! takes place in the heart of Japan where the young Tsunayoshi Sawada is going to see the course of his life change forever. Nicknamed Tsunaze at school because he's just bad at all, he's going to meet Reborn, a killer teacher part of the Italian mafia!

He is going to explain to Tsuna that he is the new godfather of the mafia clan Vongola and that he must restore the blazon by recruiting new members ... A story completely crazy, funny and which will not fail to become very serious over the years volumes ...

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Reborn!.

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