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Océane Bermudes
Ici le retour d'un reporter :
je viens commenter, une fois de plus, l'efficacité et l'amabilit ...
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Virginie Loizeau
J'ai bien reçu mes belles figurines en parfait état et bien plus tôt que prévu (au moins 2-3 moi ...
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Delphine B.
Merci pour l'envoie de mes précommandes faites en mai, elles sont arrivées en avance et avant Noë ...
Figures Junjo Romantica and merchandising products

Junjo Romantica

Junjo Romantica is a Shojo manga that we owe to Shungiku Nakamura. Following the success, an anime and even an OAV were born and the story makes us follow the relationship between three different couples and the staging is particularly fascinating. Thus, there is the story between Misaki Takahashi, his brother Takahiro and the writer Akihiko Usami called Junjo Romantica. There is also that of Professor Hiroki Kamijou with Nowaki Kusama called Junjo Egoist. Finally, there is the one between You Miyagi and Shinobu Takatsuli which is called Junjo Terrorist.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Junjo Romantica.

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