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Commande effectuée le samedi, arrivée le mercredi.

Très bien emballé, produit parfaite ...
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Florian Trigalet
Très très satisfait la boite en parfait état tout comme la figurine qui est juste magnifique. L' ...
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Frédéric Dubrunfaut
Envoi rapide et soigne comme toujours
Figures Animaniacs and merchandising products

Pinky and the Brain

Animaniacs is an American series by Warner Bros. and it brings together a multitude of characters who knew how to create themselves, afterwards, their own series! Here are some examples of characters from this franchise.

First, the real heroes of the Animaniacs are the crazy Yakko, Wakko and Dot who are locked in the water tower of Warner studio and for good reason, when they come out, in the episodes, they sow discord wherever they go ! So, Warner prefers to keep them locked up.

Pinky and the Brain is a television series by Tom Ruegger. The latter puts forward two rats of laboratories which have only one objective: to try to conquer the world. Cortex is the intelligent mouse with over-developed brain while Minus is just the opposite ... Unpopular and silly, Minus will often fail to defeat the plans of his comrade Cortex.

The Goodfeathers is the story of three Bobby, Pesto and Squit pigeons! They think they are gangsters of the Mafia in New York but with very different characters, they spend their time to take the head between them.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Animaniacs.

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