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Commande effectuée le samedi, arrivée le mercredi.

Très bien emballé, produit parfaite ...
Post By Florian Trigalet
Florian Trigalet
Très très satisfait la boite en parfait état tout comme la figurine qui est juste magnifique. L' ...
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Frédéric Dubrunfaut
Envoi rapide et soigne comme toujours
Figures Jurassic Park and merchandising products

Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park is a film signed by the great Steven Spielberg and the very first one arrived on our screens in 1993. Since then, this adaptation of novel has been entitled to many films, so a certain Jarassic World: Fallen Kingdom in 2018.

The story tells us of the dinosaurs and, more precisely, of their rebirth! Indeed, humans have found a way to bring back these incredible creatures, they are now released into our world, whether it is through a wildlife park or even ... in city!

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Jurassic Park.

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€154.99 €164.99 -€10.00

Official figure of Dilophosaurus in resin which measures about 18 centimeters high, scale 1/10. It is from the BDS Art Scale collection. The manufacturer is Iron Studios.

Release date: estimated arrival date in stock to February 2021.

€129.99   On order!

Official figure of Velociraptor in resin at scale 1/10, available in three different versions (see details in description). The manufacturer is Iron Studios.

Release date: estimated arrival date in stock to October 2019.

MAJ 31.10.19 : Delayed to January 2020

MAJ 31.12.19 : A and B : Sold out before the release