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Je recommande à 200 %, l'envoi est très rapide et soigneux. L'équipe est adorable, professionnel, ...
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Commande reçu très bien emballé, minutieux dans le suivi (j'ai été prévenu du retard et de l'e ...
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Je recommande à 200 %, l'envoi est très rapide et un soin tout particulier est porté à l'emballa ...
Figures To Heart and merchandising products

To Heart

To Heart is a Japanese visual novel for adults that is developed by the studio Leaf. The first episode dates from 1997 and the series was then ported to PSP then other opus were released later. Two animes were then born as well as a manga.

Thanks to its success, To Heart 2 has also been born with video games on PSP, PS3 and PC as well as a declension in six animes and four mangas! We also note the presence of spin-off in the image of To Heart 2 Another Days.

The gameplay of video games is simple and clean to the usual visual novel. Indeed, it is a question of multiple ends according to your choices when you interact with the characters of the game. One discovers of course beautiful girls and very beautiful illustrations.

To Heart 2: Dungeon Travelers is another spin-off episode and it is developped by Sting. The game is a dungeon RPG. We also think about another spin-off called Final Dragon Chronicle: Guilty Requiem and once again, this show the popularity and success received by To Heart.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for To Heart.