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J'ai découvert Derive Figurine début novembre, tout-à-fait par hasard, alors que ...
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Franchement, je m'attendais pas à tomber sur une équipe autant adorable et agréable : je remercie ...
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Réception parfaite le la figurine de Ozymandias, en avance par rapport à son estimation (pas que j ...
Figures Gambling School - Kakegurui and merchandising products

Gambling School - Kakegurui

Gambling School - Kakegurui is a manga by Homura Kawamoto for writing and Toru Naomura for drawing. The series has been adapted to anime and also with spin-off mangas. The story takes place at the Hyakkao Academy where the richest students study ...

The problem is that in this school is governed for betting and many students find themselves in debt and set aside! To survive, you have to be a perfect bettor and those who do not succeed in playing their game will find themselves wearing a collar, a badge and become the stooges of the strongest ... Among the students, there is the very pretty Yumeko Jabami and she intends to sow discord in the school ...

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Gambling School - Kakegurui.

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