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Figures Final Fantasy VII and merchandising products

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII is the most famous episode of the Final Fantasy franchise. It came out for the very first time on PlayStation and it was under the direction of Yoshinori Kitase. Also released on PC, the game was the first of the license to opt for 3D graphics and the success was total. The fighting takes place on a turn-by-turn basis, the game features a 3D world map and a longer life span for the era with a clearly unforgettable scenario.

In Final Fantasy VII, we represent Cloud Strife, a former SOLDIER member who joins an eco-terrorist group called AVALANCHE. He will face one of the most charismatic antagonists of the franchise namely Sephiroth. A touching and unforgettable story has remained in the memory of the players since their experience FF VII.

As a result, Final Fantasy VII has had several adaptation options like the Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, or spin-off games like Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus or Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. Final Fantasy VII Remake is a remake of the original opus. This one will be in episodic format and with graphics to the taste of the day.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Final Fantasy VII.

50 Jrs 20 Hrs 37 Min 26 Sec
 Durée Limitée 
€91.99 €97.99 -€6.00

Official figure of Sephiroth measuring approximately 18 centimeters. It is from the Bring Arts collection. The manufacturer is Square Enix.

Release date: estimated arrival date in stock to January 2020.

Occasion On Order
€249.99   On order!

Second-hand and official Highwind figure in Cold Cast/Resin about 28 centimeters long. A blade of the propeller and the picot for holding it were glued together. This is second-hand item in perfect condition. The manufacturer is Kotobukiya, sold with box in fairly good condition.

MAJ 04.02.19 : Sold out

Occasion On Order
€59.99   On order!

Second-hand and official Vincent Valentine figure in Cold Cast Resin about 27 centimeters high to scale 1/8. A clasp of his jacket was glued. This is second-hand item in perfect condition from the ARTFX collection. The manufacturer is Kotobukiya, sold with box in good condition.

MAJ 16.08.18 : Sold out at all our suppliers european


Second-hand and official pack with Cloud Strife and motorcycle Fenrir in ABS/PVC. Cloud is about 20 centimeters high and Daytona is 30 centimeters length. This is a second-hand item in good condition from the Play Arts collection. Cloud's right arm is still a bit fragile. The manufacturer is Square Enix, sold with box in very bad condition.