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Post By Mayy
Précommandé en juillet, l'article devait être envoyé en février, je l'ai reçu ce samedi avec d ...
Commande effectuée le samedi, arrivée le mercredi.

Très bien emballé, produit parfaite ...
Post By Florian Trigalet
Florian Trigalet
Très très satisfait la boite en parfait état tout comme la figurine qui est juste magnifique. L' ...
Figures Rosario + Vampire and merchandising products

Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire is a manga of Akihisa Ikeda composed of two seasons, for a total of twenty-four volumes. Moreover, we had the chance to see them in France thanks to the Tonkam editions. Finally, an anime has also emerged.

The young Tsukune Aono is so bad at school that he did not pass a single entrance exam. His last hope lies in the Yokai High School, an infrastructure for monsters. Being the only human there, no one should know his secret. For this, he can count on the help of Moka Akashiya, a very powerful vampire, but also Kurumu Kurono the succubus, Yukari Sendo the little witch for the least gifted and Okami Shizoki the wolf girl.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Rosario + Vampire.

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€29.99   On order!

Second-hand and official Kurumu Kurono figure in PVC about 18 centimeters high. Kurumu is in school uniform and puts a finger in her mouth. This is second-hand item in perfect condition. The manufacturer is SEGA, sold with box in fairly bad condition, the glass is dented and the cardboard also, or even torn in places.

MAJ 02.03.19 : Sold out