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Perfecto! Muchísimas gracias por todo! :)
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Très content d'avoir commandé sur ce site pour offrir un cadeau à mon pote d'enfance.

Me ...
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Encore une commande de passée et une équipe toujours aussi réactive et au top ! Merci encore de m ...
Figures Soul Eater and merchandising products

Soul Eater

Soul Eater is a manga directed by Atsushi Ōkubo whose French version is edited by Kurokawa. In view of its success, an anime is also released as well as a series derived from the manga named Soul Eater Not !.

The Great Devourer nearly swallowed the world, to avoid this, the Shibusen school pupils are trained to become Meisters. Each one possesses a weapon that can take on a human form and as the name Soul Eater indicates, the goal being to make them eat 99 corrupt human souls as well as a witch soul to reach the rank of Death Scythe.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Soul Eater.

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