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Post By Elise Marmoret
Elise Marmoret
Réception parfaite le la figurine de Ozymandias, en avance par rapport à son estimation (pas que j ...
Post By binz
colis très bien emballé, pour un première commande je suis très satisfait, merci a vous
Post By Marine
J'ai reçu Alucard et Rem ver. Yukata samedi, et le colis était hyper bien emballé ! Les figurines ...
Figures District 9 and merchandising products

District 9

District 9 is a movie by Neill Blomkamp and it dates from 20019. The story begins in Johannesburg where aliens have landed ... unfortunately for them, they will quickly be enslaved by the MNU (Multi-National United) is in District 9 slum that they will find their new home. Humans will not stop there because they will be interested very closely in the famous ship of the extraterrestrials who have a very special weapon. Indeed, only extraterrestrials can use it! This will not fix the business of Wikus Van de Merwe, an agent of the MNU who following an event, will gradually turn into extraterrestrials and he will become the target of the MNU.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for District 9.

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