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Origin Story : Mev Gardenia 1917

In the year 1917, Mev Gardenia (Movies / Series) was born in the United States of America. Abandoned by her parents at birth, she was discovered outside the manor door of a very wealthy family. Raised by a couple who adopted her, she grew up like all the other girls her age but she nevertheless nourished a great desire to understand who she is.

Hiding behind an impetuous and dynamic personality, Mev was still very disturbed by the life that had been reserved for her. She did not lack anything and had become the child of one of the richest families in the city.

She saw her classmates envy her and always remind her that she did not have to complain because she did not lack anything. It was pretty annoying and Mev always had the deep feeling that she was not in her place. Yet she loved her adoptive parents very much.

The latter felt the sadness of their daughter and they knew that one day she would ask to go in search of her origins. While Mev was only 17 years old, she asked her parents if they knew anything about her past except that they found her in front of them.

It was at this moment that her father decided to give her a mysterious box that was placed near her in her basket. The latter was impossible to open and they had decided to keep it until Mev had sought to unravel the mystery of his birth.

She took the box and immediately opened it. She found inside the box a map of the United States where a place was designated with a toothed wheel that resembled a mechanism. That evening, Mev went off with the box and the map and headed for the spot where the indicated point was.

Guided naturally for unexplained reasons, she quickly found the place sought after.

When she reached the exact spot, a very old mechanism was in front of her. One location seemed appropriate for the box left by her real parents. She put it down immediately and the mechanism began to work. A door opened on an immense artficial cave maintained by several pillars.

Mev stepped up to an imposing round table. Many objects were arranged, and the first she found was an old torch. She took it in her hand and it was then that a light began to shine brightly. It came from the flower of Gardenia present in her hair since birth. The torch lit up as if by magic!

Thanks to the light, Mev was able to go farther into the cave and she discovered a new room that contained material that was unknown to her. In the eyes of Mev, they were only huge boxes, but in reality they were computers with a very advanced technology. When the girl approached, the system set out.

The screens showed her a small film showing a map of the world and four places indicated by a toothed wheel resembling the first one that had allowed her to find this place. She had to travel to Australia, France, Germany and Peru.

A few seconds later, when she returned to the round table, adventurous clothes, a hat, a lasso and what appeared to be a pack of popcorn were there. Strangely, these elements were not present when she arrived.

There was also a message that Mev was told she was the holder of certain powers and that the artifacts she had found had belonged to her real parents.

Mev was in need of answers, she put on the outfit, donned the lasso, her torch and her pack of popcorn to go to her first destination ... However just before leaving, the screen restarted and began to show her series and movies via Netflux through this mysterious technology. Mev will take the taste of adventure and she will not hesitate to watch some episodes of her favorite series between one or two trips ...

Concerning her powers, it is only during her first adventures that she will have the opportunity to use them.

Her powers

  • Mev has developed a power that offers incredible agility.
  • Her lasso has obtained a power of elasticity which allows it to attack at long distance or to reach zones hardly accessible.
  • The popcorn is explosive and Mev can throw it on his enemies. However, it is a real popcorn that Mev can eat, it is explosive only at the request of its wearer.
  • The torch can turn on and off as it sees fit. She can use it to ignite her lasso or to throw her explosive popcorns.
  • The flower of Gardena has its limitations and too much use has repercussions on Mev.