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Origin Story : Mev Gardenia 3000

In the year 3000 Mev Gardenia (video games style) was born in Japan and she lives only for video games since in the end it is the only element that has rocked its childhood. The reason is that since 2217 the planet Earth is under the control of unknown extraterrestrial forces that resemble human beings.

Shortly before the creatures came to power, the world's largest organizations tried to get in their way. However, the technological gap between these two peoples overcame this revolution. Yet several organizations still exist clandestinely and this is the case of the base TLH located in Japan.

A high-ranking research couple has for many years been trying to bring down the main brains of the extraterrestrial people. Both had adopted a little girl who possessed in her hair a strange flower baptized Gardenia. It had an incredible source of power that allowed the adoptive parents of the girl to be able to fight effectively for a while.

Unfortunately, the TLH base was eventually discovered by enemy forces. The couple had anticipated that this day would happen and thanks to their know-how, they had undertaken the construction of a long tunnel leading to the bottom of the planet. A real secondary base was there but this place was not intended for them but only for Mev.

On D-Day, and during the final assault, the little Mev was put into a cryogenic state and sent directly to the heart of the secret base, which was miles underground. Her adoptive parents had decided to sacrifice themself because she is the bearer of the flower of Gardénia, a strange plant whose researchers used to extract power. They also saw in Mev the last hope of the earth.

To enable their daughter to survive, adoptive parents have built a virtual reality helmet that can contain all the technological and historical data the world has known to date.

When he awoke in the underground base, Mev found her helmet and her flower of Gardenia. In a natural way, the girl instinctively put in her hair the flower of Gardénia while activating its cute little helmet. The flower began to shine and the virtual reality helmet took a different shape with cat ears. The girl, who did not wear clothes following her cryogenicization, was also dressed in an outfit mixing the futuristic and seductive aspects.

In the course of the extremely complex computer data accumulated by the Mev helmet, it represented several screens as well as holograms all around it. It took only a few seconds for Mev to recover all the knowledge contained in the helmet.

An ON button also appeared and when Mev pressed on it, an impressive armored door opened. Behind it was an imposing robot. The adoptive parents had planned a system that would only let their young daughter go out when she was ready to face this global threat. They suspected that when she came back to the surface, extraterrestrial forces would take an interest in her.

Mev quickly discovered a software in the virtual reality helmet that had to train her about everything and the way to use this imposing robot. Impatient to take action rather than take the time to learn, she tried to escape countless times. Her adoptive parents had set up a teleporter system that would send her back to the base if the program did not judge her ready ...

The headset also contained video game data, Mev particularly enjoyed one of them and spent hundreds of hours playing. It was a popular online FPS called Overwitch. Mev really liked to control the character who used the same kind of mecha as her. Through her gambling skills, she managed to progress and succeed in the 9999 training exercises designed by her parents.

She was finally ready to go out, discover the world and try to save mankind ruled by mysterious extraterrestrials.

Her Powers :

  • Mev Gardenia has superhuman abilities to skilfully control his huge robot.
  • Mev could not accumulate all the headset data. To overcome this problem, it has given life to an artificial intelligence autonomous and endowed with its own personality.
  • The different screens allow her to monitor absolutely all the parameters of its mecha at the same time.
  • The power of the Gardena flower is used to repair the mecha and trigger powerful attacks.
  • The Gardenia can materialize various weapons.
  • Her Mecha has the potential to evolve and become more powerful through the experience gained by Mev.
  • The flower of Gardena has its limitations and too much use has repercussions on Mev.