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PRE ORDER - Legend of the Galactic Heroes - Yang Wen-li figure, Digsta

Reference : DGSM30032

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Official figure of Yang Wen-li in PVC which measures approximately 17 centimeters high. It is from the Digsta collection. The manufacturer is Digism.

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Discover the figurine of Yang Wen-li, an emblematic character from the anime and the novel "Legend of the Galactic Heroes". Designed by manufacturer Digism, this piece is part of the Digsta collection and is made from PVC, measuring 17cm in height.

Yang Wen-li, often nicknamed the "Invincible Magician", is a brilliant strategist and hero of the series "Legend of the Galactic Heroes". His character is famous for his exceptional tactical abilities and laid-back attitude in the face of monumental challenges. Yang is a starship captain in the Free Planets Alliance Fleet, and is known for his ingenious strategies and deep humanism.

The figurine perfectly captures the essence of Yang Wen-li. His nonchalant posture, one hand on his head and the other holding his iconic headgear, reflects his relaxed and thoughtful character. The details of his outfit, including the green jacket and beige pants, are reproduced with great precision, showcasing Digism's build quality.

Collection and character details

The Digsta collection, of which this figurine is a part, is renowned for its careful finishes and faithful representations of anime and manga characters. Each piece in this collection is designed with careful attention to detail, making these figures must-have collectibles for fans.

In the universe of "Legend of the Galactic Heroes", Yang Wen-li stands out for his opposition to war, preferring peaceful and diplomatic solutions. Despite his distaste for conflict, he often finds himself at the center of the series' most crucial battles, using his brilliant mind to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles. His complex personality and moral depth make him one of the series' most beloved and respected characters.

Quality and manufacturing

The figure is made of high quality PVC, ensuring durability and resistance to damage. Measuring 17 cm in height, it is perfect for displaying on a shelf or in a window. The finishes are particularly careful, with every detail, from the texture of the clothing to the expression of the face, being meticulously worked to offer the most faithful representation of the character possible.

Summary of information

Features :

Size: 17cm

Scale: Not specified

Material: PVC

Manufacturer: Digism

Collection: Digsta

Non-articulated figure with careful finishing

This Yang Wen-li figurine is an essential addition for any collector or fan of "Legend of the Galactic Heroes", offering a faithful and detailed representation of this legendary character.


Data sheet

17 cm
PRE ORDER - Legend of the...

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