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Pretty Guardian Cosmos - Figure Super Sailor Chibi Moon A, Glitter & Glamours

Reference : BP88291P


Official figure of Super Sailor Chibi Moon A in PVC. It is from the Glitter & Glamours collection. The manufacturer is Banpresto.

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The Super Sailor Chibi Moon A figurine from the Glitter & Glamours collection, created by Banpresto, is an exquisite and refined representation of one of the most charming characters in the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon" universe. This piece illustrates not only the elegance but also the power of Chibi Moon, captured in a pose that combines grace and determination.

This 17 cm figurine, made of PVC, is a guarantee of quality and precision in details. The careful finish highlights the multiple facets of the character: from the pink hair in two voluminous pigtails decorated with bright red jewelry, to her magical warrior uniform where white and pink dominate, highlighted by iridescent accents on the skirt. These details are not just aesthetic; they also reflect Chibi Moon's distinctive traits and fearless character.

Banpresto, recognized for its excellence in the creation of collectible figurines, has carefully respected the traditional iconography of Chibi Moon, making it instantly recognizable for fans of the series. The figurine's pose, hands delicately placed near the face, evokes the gentleness and resilience of Chibi Moon, who despite her young age, plays a crucial role in the battles to protect Earth and the Silver Millennium.

Chibi Moon, or Chibiusa, is more than just a Sailor Scout; she is a symbol of growth and evolution throughout the series. Daughter of Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon) and Mamoru Chiba (Tuxedo Mask), she comes from the future to seek help and ends up learning courage and friendship. Her transformation into Super Sailor Chibi Moon is a key moment, filled with power and light, that is beautifully captured in this figure.

Adding this figurine to your collection is celebrating the spirit of adventure and the values of courage and friendship that are at the heart of “Sailor Moon”. It's perfect for long-time fans as well as those new to the magic of this universe.

Features :

Size: 17cm

Scale: Not specified

Material: PVC

Manufacturer: Banpresto

Collection: Glitter & Glamours

Non-articulated figure with careful finishing

This carefully crafted description aims to highlight not only the physical details of the figure, but also Chibi Moon's cultural and emotional impact on fans of the anime.


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17 cm
In Stock
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Pretty Guardian Cosmos -...

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