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Océane Bermudes
Ici le retour d'un reporter :
je viens commenter, une fois de plus, l'efficacité et l'amabilit ...
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Virginie Loizeau
J'ai bien reçu mes belles figurines en parfait état et bien plus tôt que prévu (au moins 2-3 moi ...
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Delphine B.
Merci pour l'envoie de mes précommandes faites en mai, elles sont arrivées en avance et avant Noë ...
Figures Dark Crystal and merchandising products

Dark Crystal

Dark Crystal is a fantasy movie of 1982. The story is set in the world of Thra where a fight is going to take place for the giant crystal. Two peoples, the Skekses and the Mystics are totally opposed and the snarling creatures that are the Skekses will hunt the Mystics to keep the crystal just for them. Fortunately, a prophecy will emerge that a Gelflings will be able to overthrow the Skekses. Following this announcement of the guardian of the secrets Aughra, the Skekses will try to eradicate from the planet the Gelfings. Thinking they have all decimated, in reality, there remains one named Jen and this boy was saved and brought up by the mystics ...

Dark Crystal will also be entitled to a prequel on Netflix called Dark Crystal: The Time of the Resistance.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Dark Crystal.

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