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Figures Fate/stay night and merchandising products

Fate/stay night

Fate / stay night is basically a series that was born in 2004 and it was an adult video game of visual novel type. Developed by Type-Moon, the franchise was entitled to releases on PlayStation 2 or PC and to various new episodes in the image of Fate / Extella available on Switch, PS Vita and PS4. Originally and for information, know that Fate / stay night was called Tsukihime.

Thanks to its success, the franchise was entitled to a manga, an anime and even a light novels named Fate / Zero which also serves as prequel. Fate / Stay night tells of the Holy Grail War and one of the participants is Shiro. The young man is the only survivor of a mysterious fire that seems to have been caused by this war.

The general concept is to assign a Servant to each person participating in the Holy Grail War. The Servants are the souls of mythical reincarnated heroes who serve a Masters. For example, the Servant of Shirô calls himself Saber, which is in fact the name of his class. Indeed, his true identity as a historical character remains secret in order to prevent his enemies from knowing his capabilities in advance.

Related series have also emerged such as Lord El-Melloi's II Case Case Files which tells the story of Lord El-Melloi II, a former master investigating the war of the Holy Grail.

Here is the complete range of merchandising products, figures and goodies for Fate / stay night.

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€69.99 €74.99 -€5.00

Official figure of Ana in PVC measuring approximately 16 centimeters high. It is from the Ichibansho collection. The manufacturer is Bandai.

Release date: estimated arrival date in stock to November 2020.